Terra Practicus focuses on the counselling, accompaniment and supervision on fieldwork soil investigations, devellopment and implementation of internal or external standards and subject specific knowledge and quality assurance.

Concrete offer (in random order):

  • Performance of field audits, if appropriate including training or advise;
  • Supervision on (critical moments of) fieldwork with specific demands;
  • Supervision of complex or large field investigations;
  • Councilling on suitable techniques and sampling methods in soil investigations
  • Develloping of new methods soil investigations and connected working fields
  • Accompaniment at implementation of custommer- or branch agreements

(with or without certification or accreditation)

  • Training, briefing and education (divers methods)
  • Organising of eren van training and education (dvers methods)
  • Finding of practical solutions for theorethical problems
  • All if possible “hands-on”.